Della Heiter

Hello and thanks for coming to my little design haven on the internet! My name is Della and I am the founder and owner of House to Home. I come from a family of artists - my parents have both had careers in the graphic design and interior design industries.

While I did not originally go to school for design (I actually went for Public Health with a minor in Art - funny how life works out!) I discovered my passion while working for a furniture retailer and interior designer in Gresham. After pursuing a formal design education and gaining experience through my work with other designers in Portland, I realized something was missing in the interiors business - a designer who collaborates with their clients on a home.

That may sound like a no-brainer, but look around. Many designers today are happy to a) charge you 300% markup on furniture b) design your space to their style, not yours, and c) forget that real humans live in these homes and they are not meant just for pictures. My approach is the opposite. I work with affordable but quality brands, collaborate with you to make your vision come true, and realize that functionality is one of the most important aspects of home design.

When I’m not working, I live in Vancouver, WA with my husband, Brandon, and our dog, Baloney. Yes! Baloney is his name-o! I love to paint and work as a bridal makeup artist occasionally. I guess you could say all forms of art are both part of my career, and my hobbies!

Thanks for visiting my site, and I really hope you’ll give me the opportunity to turn your House into a Home.